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Building Walls & Panels With Plastic Poly Sheeting

For a lightweight, economical and safe solution to building your walls and panels, use black flame-retardant plastic polysheeting. It comes on rolls in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses. You can also purchase white flame-retardant plastic sheeting.

Even if you choose to construct your walls out of another material, such as wood, or if you already have walls, you can use flame-retardant plastic poly sheeting as an economical way to color your panels black, while simultaneously helping to make them flame retardant, and therefore safer.

Attaching / Fastening

To attach your flame-retardant plastic polysheeting to your supports (poles, posts, frame, trees, the ceiling, whatever), you have a few choices. For a professional solution, check out poly-hangers. Alternatively, you can use staple guns, duct tape, or adhesive spray.

Poles / Posts

You will likely still be building frames for your plastic sheeting walls, or at least using objects to affix your sheeting to. If there isn't anything already in place, you'll likely need to get wooden posts/poles (2x4 or 4x4), PVC piping, or pro-level poles like these.

If you're going to be using wooden or PVC poles/posts, and want to secure them in the ground, you'll need to dig holes for them. That's where shovels come in handy. You may also want a sledge hammer to drive your posts/poles into the ground.

Secure poles/posts without digging holes - Another solution to keeping your posts in place, without having to dig holes, is to get some 5 gallon buckets and cement mix. Mix up the cement, pour some into each bucket, then set your posts in them and keep them held in place until the cement hardens. This will provide a weighted solution to hold your posts in place, but allow them to still be portable if you decide to move them.

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